Seats4Charity is a social enterprise aimed at creating lasting memories for people who need it more. 

The idea behind Seats4Charity turned into reality during the Christmas month of 2019. We came up with the idea to make season tickets available for someone in need. 

After a rather slow start, the idea attracted national attention and in the end more than 1,000 people were given a well-deserved surprise. This was the start of Seats4Charity. 

The ultimate goal is to put as many people as possible in seats. A seat can be at a sports venue, theatre, cinema, road show or even a day at the zoo. 


The art of giving

Giving does more. If done voluntarily it will provide longer lasting happiness than anything else. Researched and approved


Venues deal with no shows every game or show. By donating you'll give a lasting memory. Plus it fills an otherwise empty seat. Win-Win.

Happy faces

What's better than create a smile on someones face? What if this person is going through a though time? Even better. You can make it happen!



Every month, we create stories to inspire, to enjoy and to share. 

We will talk about the art of giving, about the impact of a truly voluntary gift. We will talk about local heroes and the stories behind them.

The stories try to make you pause for a moment, put a smile on your face and maybe make you think: what do I have, that I can give away. 

On the other hand, we will focus on the art of receiving. What does a gift mean to someone receiving it? What is the impact on someone? If you want to share a story of your own, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Do you want to cooperate with Seats4Charity?

If you are in charge of a (sports)stadium, theatre, cinema or similar click the button below


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